Pregnancy imposes a large amount of stress on the mother’s body.  As we all know, whatever happens to the mother also impacts the baby. Stress can be passed from mother to child, even in the womb.

How can you relax during nine months of pregnancy? Diminish the strain and stress enforced on your body? Bring peace and tranquility to your baby? Try a prenatal massage!

But wait! How can you get a massage if you are pregnant? Do not worry! At Vinings Massage & Wellness, we utilize a great massage cushion, perfect for relaxing those pregnant bellies!

Our team of prenatal massage therapy experts works with a specialized pillow to help rest your mind and bring your body to the perfect massage position. The EarthLite® Prone Comfort™ Bolster & Headrest “offers comfortable face-down positioning, which supports deeper breathing and improved lung function. Generous stomach and chest alcoves help accommodate larger patients.” Just adjust your body into the alcoves, and you’re good to go!

Staying Comfortable During Your Pre or Post Natal Massage

This cushion bolster and headrest offers an array of important qualities including:

  • Proven face down comfort
  • Recessed alcoves for large client comfort
  • Enlarged breathing channels
  • Fully upholstered and fluid resistant material

This unique item is made by EarthLite. EarthLite is a massage table manufacturer, specializing in producing environmentally friendly products that serve clients’ needs. Just like our team at Vinings Massage & Wellness, EarthLite is dedicated to providing the highest quality and performance to aid in the healing process through massage therapy.

We understand the nerves and apprehensions surrounding every move you make during your pregnancy term. In addition, we acknowledge the importance of decreasing stress levels during life, and specifically those nine months of pregnancy. Do not fear! We have plenty of Massage Therapists at Vinings Massage & Wellness who specialize in prenatal massage! We are ready to help you with your prenatal massage needs! Schedule your pre or post natal massage today!