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6346118Massage Etiquette: Answers To Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

Usually, once a week, we like to fill you in on great ways to stay healthy and how massage can benefit your life… Let’s deviate from that a bit today, shall we? Lately, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions regarding what actions are suitable before, during, and after a massage therapy session – massage etiquette, if you will. “Should I tip my therapist?” “Is it rude not to talk to my therapist during a session?” “Should I shower before a massage?” These questions can be a little uncomfortable for most people to ask, so for today, you can call the Vinings Massage Blog your Emily Post of Massage Therapy :)

Should I Tip My Therapist?

Massage Therapy is service industry position, so it is customary to tip your therapist, if you think they did a good job. Typically, in a “spa” setting, the usual amount is 15-20%. It is a little different in more of a medical setting. There, tipping isn’t usually expected, but it is always appreciated. If you’re unsure, and don’t want to ask your therapist, you can always call ahead and ask. Either way, we are grateful to have a regular client who refers their friends and family to us, so know that we appreciate you.

Should I Talk During My Massage?

In all honesty, it is believed that you get more out of your massage session if you are able to quiet your mind and body, let go, and relax. Most therapists are happy to chat with you during your massage, but by no means should you feel obligated to converse. If you prefer to talk, then talk. If you’d rather relax in silence, that’s perfectly fine too. Keep in mind that your comfort is our main concern, so it is important to remember to communicate to your therapist if:

  • You need more or less pressure
  • You feel any pain or discomfort
  • You are too cold or too hot
  • You need to use the restroom
  • You have any questions related to the massage

How Much Clothing Should I Remove?

When you undress for your massage, you can feel free to disrobe to your comfort level. Keep in mind that, in most massages, it is more beneficial to you for the therapist to have skin-to-skin contact, but we are able to work around any article of clothing you choose to leave on. Sometimes the lotions or oils may stain your clothes, but you can check with your therapist to be sure.

Should I Shower Right Before A Massage?

Hygiene is important anywhere you go, but we understand that there isn’t always time to shower after work or the gym. If you don’t have time to shower, a good solution is to keep a travel pack of baby wipes on hand, in your duffle bag, briefcase, or purse. These are great to quickly clean feet, underarms, or any areas that you don’t feel are exactly massage ready. Some therapists even keep wipes in the treatment room or in the restroom, just in case.

Hopefully, reading this article left you feeling a little more comfortable with massage etiquette. Now venture forth into your next massage session with confidence! If you have any more questions, feel free to email us or leave a comment!

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