Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Constipation or digestive issues? Do you find that you get sick often? If any of these apply to you, chances are, you could benefit from abdominal massage.

As a general rule, people tend to be protective of their abdominal region because it is such a vulnerable area, therefore, a massage in the abdomen is a wonderful, but rarely known, massage technique.

Abdominal Massage

If your symptoms are mild, or you are hesitant to have this massage done, you can perform a stomach massage yourself. This technique helps aid digestion mainly. There are certainly more benefits to this type of massage than just helping digestion, and having a professional perform the massage is always recommended.

Abdominal Massage Benefits

Increase Circulation

A massage in your abdomen stimulates your internal organs, including your intestines, gall bladder, and liver. Increased blood and oxygen flow may help to improve organ function, which means more efficient release and removal of waste products. This can also aid in a better functioning immune system, as the intestines are one of the major building blocks to the body’s immunity.

Relieve Abdominal Issues

When a person is under stress, the symptoms of that stress tend to show up in the belly. Along with an uneasy feeling, many times you can experience abdominal aches, gas, and pain. The soothing effect of a massage can help to alleviate these painful symptoms, as well as decrease the overall feeling of stress by helping you enter a state of relaxation.

Additional Benefits of Abdominal Massage

In addition to alleviated abdominal distress issues, stomach massage may also strengthen weakened abdominal muscles, release deep muscle spasms, promote internal heat, and break down adhesions or scar tissue.

Have you ever experienced an abdominal massage? It can be enjoyed as an add-on service to our massages.

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