“May your devastating winter blues finally give way to your debilitating spring allergies.”
~ Unknown

Ah, Spring… It’s finally here. Trees and flowers are blooming, leaving the air sweetly scented. It just makes you want to go outside, take a deep breath, and….ah…ACHOO! Oh, that’s right – the only thing there is not to like about Spring – it’s allergy season. Seasonal allergies can cause many discomforts for those suffering from them; headaches, sinus inflammation, and stuffy noses are the most common. Are you looking for some natural, palliative relief? Call your massage therapist!

By applying gentle pressure around the sinuses and certain areas of the scalp, forehead, and face, your massage therapist can offer temporary relief from some of the sinus pain you may be experiencing. Massage can help reduce the inflammation of the tissues surrounding the sinuses, and encourage the mucus to drain a little more regularly, decreasing the stopped up feeling in your nasal cavity. It can also be helpful for your massage therapist to use a few drops of essential oil during the session. Certain essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, or most citrus oils can stimulate the immune system and clear the sinuses.

Are you looking for other ways to calm your seasonal allergies? Look for next week’s post with some allergy reducing foods and recipes!

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