“Happiness is a journey… Not a destination.”
– Ben Sweetland

4806471All too often, we find ourselves searching for happiness. Once we find it, we fight to hold onto it, and possibly lose ourselves in the struggle. It could be anything – finally getting your house to look the way you want it, landing your dream job, or a new relationship. Eventually, the luster wears off and we end up right back where we were… still searching. It’s so easy to forget that happiness can’t be pinned to just one thing. Being human, we are constantly changing, evolving, and growing. Doesn’t it only make sense that our wants and needs change with us over time?

It’s important to remember that, even with all of these physical elements of happiness, real happiness is achieved from inside us. Being able to be thankful for our journey through life and the different opportunities for happiness that are presented to us is good start. It’s important to take time out for yourself, whether it’s every day, every week, or every month, and evaluate your life. Are your choices still making you happy? Do you need to make any changes or tweaks? This process can be a little overwhelming. If you find it to be so, then you can always seek assistance through talk therapy, a meditation coach, or wellness coaching.

However you choose to continue on your path to happiness, remember to always be thankful for the journey.

Thank you for visiting! We at Koru wish you wellness and a happy journey.