Fall is a time to turn inwards

The days are becoming shorter and the nights longer and colder. We cast off the carefree attitudes of summertime and become more reflective and introspective as we move indoors.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall is associated with the lungs, large intestine and the element metal. Metal symbolizes the appreciation of the quality of life and of the fun filled summer we just had. However, life is not an endless summer and, with the help of the lungs and the large intestine, we learn to let go and appreciate this time of rest and quiet.

Now is a great time to take note of any lingering emotions or memories that you are holding onto and to finally let them go, making room in your life for new, exciting experiences.

Staying healthy this Fall

Get outside and Breathe
Being in nature and soaking in the gorgeous fall colors and breathing in the crisp autumn air is one of the best ways to quiet the mind and feed the soul. Research shows that those that spend ample time outside, either tending a garden or just going for a stroll, have a better chance of staving off anxiety, depression and physical illness than those that tend to stay cooped up inside.

Keep Warm
It’s important to keep our lungs in tip top shape during this season so as to prevent illnesses such as colds and flu. Practicing deep breathing and keeping the chest and neck cozy when outside will help immensely–and also gives you a chance to wear all your stylish scarves!
Eat with the Seasons
Buying local, seasonal fruits and veggies means you’re buying fresh, you’re attuning your body to the different bounties of each season and you’re also supporting local farmers. Load up on delicious squash, sweet potatoes, and pungent herbs and spices like garlic and cinnamon. A great food that will keep you warm and really boost your immune system is bone broth which you can make yourself or buy prepackaged.

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