Have you had surgery recently? Does your body feel swollen? This feeling could be the result of a liquid blockage in your lymphatic system. If so, a manual lymphatic drainage massage may be the perfect solution!

A manual lymphatic drainage massage works to improve the function of the body’s lymphatic system through gentle and rhythmic strokes, distributing fluid around the body. This non-invasive technique was developed by Dr. Emil Vodder with the purpose of providing the utmost detoxification and relaxation experience.

A manual lymphatic drainage massage may sound intriguing if you feel that you are suffering from swollenness. This massage is specifically ideal for those who are searching for treatment for lymphedema. However, this method offers an array of benefits for those recovering from surgery, especially plastic surgery, as well.

Dr. Vodder’s technique assists the body’s natural processes of detoxification, immune system defense, and fluid transportation. These natural processes are hindered during post-surgery recovery and when the body is faced with sinus issues, chronic pain, and other discomfort problems.

But, how will a manual lymphatic massage benefit you post-surgery? Here are five of the various advantages of treating yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage:

1. Promote the Natural Healing Process

Your body undergoes an immense amount of stress during surgery. For some, the recovery process is short. For those who are not as lucky, the healing process can be long and grueling. This holistic technique can help release pain, discomfort, inflammation, and toxins from your surgery, initiating the healing cycle.

2. Reduce Water Retention

Post-surgery swelling can be a result of water retention. Water retention is caused by any excess fluid build up in the body. The lymphatic drainage massage offers long strokes, kneading, and pressure to improve circulation. The massage will release some of the built-up fluid, reducing the inflammation of water retention from surgical procedures.

3. Boost Immune System

A lymphatic drainage massage brings relief to the lymphatic system, meaning the numerous lymph nodes in the body. Lymph nodes are known to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses like the flu. After surgery, your body is weak and in need of extra protection. This massage flushes the body of toxins, resulting in the purification of tissues, the metabolism, and the immune system. The process helps bring the lymphatic system back into balance, overall boosting the immune system.

4. Diminish Stress, Heighten Relaxation

Sometimes, even just the thought of surgery can add an immense amount of stress and anxiety onto the body. Massages are known to promote relaxation and diminish stress as various techniques are used to relax tight muscles. The lymphatic drainage massage is no different! By using circular motions to evenly distribute fluid in the body, this massage can provide relief to those tight areas, moving the body into a state of relaxation.

5. Relieve Concerns of Other Health Conditions

A lymphatic massage is used by professionals to alleviate concerns of other health conditions besides post-surgery worries. From internal conditions such as arthritis to posterior concerns such as eczema, a lymphatic massage can be a viable treatment. In addition, this massage can assist cancer patients by improving fluid circulation during treatments where lymph nodes are impacted. Lastly, pregnant women may also find relief with a lymphatic massage, especially in their legs and feet.

Ultimately, the lymphatic drainage massage prompts the body to move back into its natural state of homeostasis and balance. Remember, hydration and rest are important after your massage.

If the causes and benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage match your symptoms, our team at Vinings Massage & Wellness Center is ready to help you feel your best! Schedule your massage today!