Acupuncture A safe, effective and natural approach
to promote healing and prevent
illness from occurring in the body.
Cupping Great for releasing muscular tension,
relieving pain and discomfort.
Alternative Health Acutonics, Gua Sha,
and Nutritional Support
Our Acupuncturist, Jennifer Myers, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.,
is Five Element practitioner focused on helping people
take control of their health, re-establish balance and
create freedom in their lives.

Acupuncture will be back as soon as we find an exceptional Acupuncturists.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Acupuncture – Cupping – Nutritional Support – Acutonics – Gua Sha – Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture



A safe, effective and natural approach to promote healing and prevent illness from occurring in the body.



It’s great for releasing muscular tension, relieving pain and discomfort.

alternative health

Alternative Health

So you want to put together an Alternative Wellness Plan, but you’re not sure exactly what you need.


Bottom line, no has ever told me how much they love needles. Growing up I was also scared (okay, petrified!) of needles and hated getting any kind of shot or even to have my blood drawn (I still have to turn my head when having my blood drawn!). Good news … Acupuncture is NOTHING like any kind of shot or getting your blood drawn. An acupuncture needle is a fraction of the size of other needles because it’s solid, not hollow. Put together 2-3 strands of hair from your head and that’s about the thickness of an acupuncture needle. Because it’s so thin, most of my patients say they either don’t feel it at all or, if they do, it just a tiny “pinch” that lasts no more than a split second.
A lot of my patients start feeling better during the first treatment. I’ve had people come to me with a pain that is an “8” on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain) and walk out of the session with either no pain or pain that is significantly reduced.
The results are as unique as your health concerns. A more acute condition may only take 2-3 treatments to achieve lasting results while a more chronic condition may take several treatments. We won’t know how well your body responds and holds onto the treatments until you start. Each time we meet, we’ll review how you’re feeling, how you felt after the last treatment and make adjustments to your treatment plan accordingly. Each person is unique and we’ll work together to develop a treatment plan that works best for you.
I believe in “less is more” approach. I use the fewest needles possible to achieve maximum results.
Yes! It is very safe. Acupuncture has minimal adverse side effects … the most common side effect my patients experience is feeling relaxed and less stressed!
The sensations felt during an Acupuncture session vary from person to person and from one acupuncture point to the next. Descriptions have included: a tingling feeling, a warm sensation, buzzy or a “pulling” sensation. More than anything my patients say they feel relaxed and often fall asleep during their session!
No … Sometimes it’s that subtle shift of not feeling like yourself that is the first indication that an underlying imbalance exists. By addressing that imbalance and treating all of you (body, mind, spirit), you will start feeling like yourself again … maybe, even better!

A great question!  “Dry-needling” (DN) is a term used for inserting a needle (typically an Acupuncture needle) into specific areas of the body, deep in muscle fibers known as Trigger Points or Motor Points.  There are 2 goals:  needle into an area to cause a release of tight / knotted muscle fibers, and needle in a manner that creates little micro traumas.

The theory is the micro traumas will trigger a healing response from the body to the area in distress.  For example, hamstring pain with muscle tightness, DN would typically be deep in the affected hamstring area hoping to create a release of the tightness while triggering the body to heal the injured area. DN is a symptom based approach.

But what if the hamstring is tight and painful because of an issue with the pelvis, hips, low back or quadricep muscles?  What if the hamstring is not the real issue but the result of another area of the body not functioning properly?

Acupuncture takes a more holistic approach using a proven system of treatment that dates back thousands of years.  Our bodies are designed to protect us from foreign invaders and to heal us when sick or injured.  As a licensed Acupuncturist, I am trained to determine why a certain area of the body is susceptible to injury and what’s preventing the natural healing process.  Often, other areas of our body / systems are a contributing factor(s) to current pain / injury.  If we only treat the area currently in distress i.e. the hamstring, chances are we would be missing a big piece of healing process.   I often incorporate Trigger / Motor Points to support the treatment, when it makes sense, but treating the root cause of the injury / pain is a critical piece necessary to achieve lasting results!

Absolutely! Acupuncture was originally designed and used as a preventive medicine. I use diagnostic information acquired through your pulses, condition of your tongue and information you provide during our sessions to detect and correct early signs of imbalance. Addressing and correcting these conditions early, often before you even know they exist, is what true preventative medicine is all about!