4 Ways To Celebrate International Friendship Day

We love holidays that make us feel good. And if you haven’t heard much about International Friendship Day, where have you been? This is a day meant to be celebrated with friends. To show appreciation for and enjoy the one thing that many of us have in common and value friendship.

Did you know that Friendship Day has been around since the 1930s? It was first celebrated in the United States in 1935. Now, the first Sunday in August every year is proclaimed as International Friendship Day and this isn’t just a U.S. holiday, it’s celebrated all over the world from South America to India and other countries. This year, the celebration takes place on August 2.

In many countries, it’s a tradition to exchange gifts like flowers, cards, and wrist bands with your friends. Some celebrate with special get-togethers to acknowledge their friendships and, in some countries, Friendship Day is celebrated as a festival where people dance, eat, and have fun with friends.

So, if you love a reason to celebrate, we’re gonna give you four ways to make it happen!

1. Show Gratitude.

It’s the little things that count, right? What if you and your closest friends made a list of all the things you love about each other and shared it in a group? Or how about writing in your journal that day all the things you are thankful for this year. Showing gratitude makes a world of difference and numerous studies show that it can improve your livelihood.

2. Plan a Date With Your Bestie.

Whether it’s your best friend or significant other, how about taking this day to literally unplug and unwind? Unplug the television, cell phone, tablet or laptop and spend some true quality time with your bestie. Unwind by doing something relaxing like getting a couples massage or sitting in a park. Make this day something truly special for the two of you.

3. Come Up With a Thoughtful Gift.

It is traditional to exchange gifts on International Friendship Day, so share a gift that matters. If getting “unplugged” isn’t your thing, then take out that cell phone or tablet and tweet your friend to tell them how much they mean to you. Tag them on Facebook with a video of their favorite song or with throwback photos from the good ‘ol days. Or maybe you like buying gifts. Gift certificates or similar gift options could work well, too.

4. Give Your Friend the Gift of Massage.

A massage is a great bonding experience that also brings stress relief, relaxation and fun! What better way to show your friend you’re happy to be a part of their life than sharing a gift that can improve their physical and mental health?

So there it is, just a few ways we encourage you to celebrate this holiday! We’ll be out celebrating with our closest friends on August 2, and we hope to see you in with your best buddies before or after International Friendship Day!