“Feed your spirit, encourage someone who needs it, organize a charity day… take care of your body, share the love, and have an awesome day.”
Ricardo Housham

hands massaging back As we continue to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we acknowledge that the Susan G. Komen 3-Day is next weekend, October 18th-20th, 2013. This event consists of 60 miles on foot. We at Koru cannot stress enough the importance of caring for your body before and after a race or long, physical event such as this one. A cycle of massages before and after can aid in preventing sports injuries and severe soreness associated with sporting activities.

It is suggested that you receive a deep tissue massage about three days before the event to work out the existing tension in your muscles, and ready them for strenuous, physical activity.

Then, the day before get another massage. This one should be more focused on stretching and lengthening the muscle fibers.

Finally, a few days after the event is over, reward yourself with another massage, but this time, less vigorous. Now you want to focus on relaxing those tight muscles you relied on to power through the race.

Here is an article with some extra information to help you prepare for a sporting event!

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